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Quick Moves  | The Affordable Alternative!

Specializing in smaller deliveries, from one piece to small apartments.

Our services are based on affordable flat rates.

Big Cargo Van / Truck available for last minute small moves, deliveries and rubbish removal.I can transport new or used furniture like beds and couches. Deliver large appliances like fridges, washers and dryers. Or even electronics like televisions too. Basically anything I can safely fit into my truck I can deliver!If you need to make a small move or transfer some items to storage I can do that as well.And if you need to get rid of some junk or yard waste I can help with that too.

deliveries and small moves in Vancouver City.

Rubbish removal starts from only $70 for a single item in Vancouver.

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

Available day or night 7 days a week. Rain or shine.

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Call Vancouver Junk Removal at (604) 720-2021 for Vancouver junk removal service from a reliable and affordable locally owned trash removal company.

Junk Removal in Vancouver, BC – Bulk Trash Removal, Waste Removal Service for Vancouver

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